Leisure Reading Task Force

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College / Administrative Unit: 
University Libraries
Date Started: 
March 2007
To establish guidelines and procedures for the development, management, and circulation of a general “leisure collection” in Pattee/Paterno Libraries.

Once the domain of public libraries, leisure or recreational collections have become increasingly popular in large academic libraries. They have become an integral element in creating more welcoming environments for students, stimulating enhanced literacy, and building learning commons. Penn State students have consistently asked our Welcome Desk staff for “something that I can read” or “books I can take home over the weekend so I can relax,” and they want easy access to these materials. The Marketing Steering Team and the Services Committee, which is identifying services for a knowledge commons, have both recommended that the Libraries consider adding a leisure collection.

The Report of the Task Force was accepted June 07, and implementation plans commenced immediately. The Leisure Reading Area opened in Pattee Library in February 08, and Development efforts are underway to ensure continued funding. We will use circulation records to analyze the success of initiative, but even before the Leisure Reading Area was publically announced, materials were already flying off the shelves.

Contact Person: 
Sally Kalin
  • Bob Alan, Chair
  • Roberta Astroff, Member
  • Anne Behler, Member
  • Chris Holobar, Member
  • Gary White, Member