Campaign Tool Design and Development Team

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Undergraduate Education
Date Started: 
April 2006
To consider, design, and develop a web based tool that would allow admissions and recruitment personnel across the University to manage the broadest possible range of communications throughout the recruitment and admissions process. The retrieval of data and the generation and distribution of lists to use in communication has been cumbersome and very difficult or impossible to automate. It has been very difficult for different units involved in the recruitment and admissions process to know what is being done by other units to communicate with students. Furthermore, it has been impossible to know the full range of messages a student receives throughout the recruitment and admissions process because there has been no single tool used to manage those communications.

The initial version of the Campaign Tool has been implemented. It allows different units to plan for and retrieve segmented lists of specifically defined populations in a scheduled and automatic fashion. The campaigns that are built may involve a single communication or a longer series of interconnected communications. The specific lists are distributed to those individuals responsible for managing the particular and associated communication.

Training continues to be conducted across the University in an effort to promote full usage. A significant series of enhancements and future developments continue to be explored, developed, and implemented. Users of the tool, along with members of the original development team regularly engage in dialogue and examination of the tool’s strengths and weaknesses.

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David Kuskowski
  • David Kuskowski, Sponsor
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