eLiving Development and Implementation Team

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Finance and Business
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January 2005
Development and implementation of a new comprehensive web-based housing assignment system named eLiving. Several years ago Auxiliary & Business Services decided to embark on a quest to build a customized housing management application that would serve our current needs while giving us the flexibility for future growth. Our vision was for a system that would efficiently and effectively serve our students from the time they are offered campus housing as first year students through graduation. We needed a system that would integrate tightly with other university systems, reduce administrative costs, and provide timely and accurate management reporting. Through much effort and teamwork we successfully developed and implemented eLiving.

The new eLiving system allows the housing assignment offices to manage over 18,000 on-campus housing contracts. The new system eliminated paper from the contract process allowing student requests for contracts, housing offers, and the acceptance of contrast to all occur online. Students and staff can access the eLiving system via the web from any city, state or country. No longer do international students or students at various campuses have less of a chance for housing consideration. The system also manages the room assignment process and is integrated with the Bursar for the automated billing of room and board charges. By integrating this information, staff are able to view all the information they need in one place to help the students and manage the room assignment process more efficiently. Enhancements to housing desk operations have allowed for automated check-in to housing, online rosters, key management, and a package notification system that alerts students they have a package via email.

For the 07/08 academic year eLiving has processed the following transactions:
48,274 contract offers processed online
37,963 room assignments (80%+ of which were automatically assigned)
50,823 packages processed with automatic student email notification
11,911 meal plan changes processed online

In addition, the University Park Housing Assignment offices estimates that eLiving efficiencies resulted in a reduction of staff OT hours, related to assignments, from more than 50 hours in previous years to only 12 hours this year. Part time help was also reduced by 320 hours over last year due to gained efficiences. As the staff become more familiar with the eLiving system, these efficiencies are expected to increase.

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Joel Weidner
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