Asthma Treatment Team

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Student Affairs
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January 1998
To ensure the continuing quality of asthma care for UHS patients based on evolving national guidelines outlined in the National Asthma Education and Prevention Expert Panel Reports (1997, rev 2002, rev 2007). Since 1998 the team has performed annual reviews of asthma patient charts to evaluate the appropriateness of treatment based on the level of severity as identified by factors such as symptom frequency and level of activity limitation as well as findings on physical exam and additional clinical evaluations.

3/2/09 update:
Objective: To ensure the quality of asthma care to UHS patients as compared to the 2007 Report of the National Asthma Education and Prevention Expert Panel. The objectives are to have a high level of compliance to the guidelines in the eight components of asthma care which include such aspects of the disease as symptoms,medications, patient action plan relating to flu prevention,follow-up and further evaluation.

The annual reviews, based on 8 key indicators of asthma care, have revealed a need for ongoing continuing education to update UHS clinicians on changes in the guidelines and ways to apply the guidelines in clinical care. This continuing medical education has been provided by asthma specialists through the Professional Development programs at UHS.

In 2003 the electronic health record (EHR) was introduced at UHS and presented unique challenges and tools for documentation of asthma treatment. The team has responded by developing features within the EHR to assist the clinicians in documenting important elements of asthma evaluation and treatment i.e. symptom frequency, rescue medication use and treatment based on assessed level of severity.
The 2007 review identified an opportunity to further improve asthma care by creating, within the EHR, an expanded 6 step medication plan with prompts for education including the recommendation for an annual flu shot.

3/2/09 update:
November 2008 review of 104 encounters over the past year indicated improvement in 7 of the 8 indicators. The committee will present the information to the Medical Staff and discuss strategies for further improvements.

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Nancy Lambert
  • Ann Shallcross, Leader
  • Skip Bassett, Member
  • Stefanie Dunk, Member
  • Evan Pattishall, Member
  • Kathy Petroff, Member
  • Diane Smith, Member
  • Steve Tingley, Member