OPP Corridor Storage and Use Team

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College / Administrative Unit: 
Finance and Business
Date Started: 
January 2007
To develop a policy addressing the use and storage in building corridors and stair towers for placement of materials, as well as a communication strategy for the policy. Issues to be considered include, but are not limited to, code requirements, short term vs. long term use, Lion Surplus procedures, arrangement of items, prohibited items and materials, and prohibited locations within buildings.

Results from Steve Triebold, 9/10/09:

The committee developed a policy addressing safety issues within building corridors. The policy is currently going thru the implementation process. The policy will assist with provided a safe work place for employees.

Contact Person: 
Steve Triebold
  • Maurine Claver, Sponsor
  • Steve Triebold, Leader
  • Holly Beaver, Member
  • John Bechtel, Member
  • Clark Colborn, Member
  • Ed Conklin, Member
  • Will Gallaher, Member
  • Gene Grogan, Member
  • Bob Holden, Member
  • Deborah Howard, Member
  • Phillip Melnick, Member
  • Becky Peplinski, Member
  • Dave Sarge, Member
  • Barry Scerbo, Member
  • David Witmer, Member