OPP Construction Quality Assurance Team

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College / Administrative Unit: 
Finance and Business
Date Started: 
May 2006
To decrease problems that occur on construction projects which result in processing Change Orders. If issues are caught up front prior to reaching the construction stage, a savings of 20-30% can be realized. Also, to increase the quality of construction documents, and provide a focus for inspection services by including the inspectors in the pre-construction development processes.
Contact Person: 
Jeff Kokoskie
  • John Bechtel, Sponsor
  • Jeff Kokoskie, Leader/Facilitator
  • Dan Breon, Member
  • Michele Brown, Member
  • Jim Fail, Member
  • Bill Hughes, Member
  • Ted Kolbe, Member
  • John Reish, Member
  • Katie Rountree, Member
  • Dennis Smith, Member
  • Terry Weiler, Member