Hypertension Treatment Team

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Student Affairs
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August 2007
Hypertension is a treatable disease that if left untreated can lead to significant morbidity and mortality. The goal is to measure clinician recognition and follow-up of patients with elevated blood pressure (BP)at University Health Services as compared to nationally recognized standards of care.

The team goal is that an elevated blood pressure would be recognized and followed in a high percentage of patient visits. The team is evaluating all visits containing blood pressure readings greater than 140/90 mm/Hg (elevated BP). The performance measures are that a repeat BP is taken on all elevated BP readings, an elevated repeat BP will be "recognized" and that elevated blood pressure will be included in the patient's diagnosis and treatment plan.

Results from Karen Anderson 7/8/09

We have noticed that our clinicians have done a poor job of recognizing and addressing elevated blood pressures. We instituted a process where the nurse who takes an initial BP that is elevated, then adds a section for a repeat BP. This is to help alert the physician or other clinician to the elevated blood pressure. We improved from 18.4% recognition rate to 36.3% recognition rate. We are continuing to try to improve this process.

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Nancy Lambert
  • Karen Anderson, Leader
  • Chuck Moore, Member
  • Evan Pattishall, Member