Office of Graduate Educational Programs Student Service Team

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Graduate School
Date Started: 
March 2007
The team’s objective was to create a cohesive community of scholars who support each other’s goals to attend graduate school. The process included bringing together a large number of undergraduate scholars from several research programs across the campus. The two key groups were the Summer Research Opportunities Program and the Ronald E. McNair Program. They are joined, however, by many other scholars from grant programs and independent research labs. This would required constant mentoring of the students, constant communications between the SROP, McNair and other scholars to ensure that students felt engaged, welcomed, challenged and supported in both their academic work, research and social group. The team stayed on top of the most recent practices and research to enable themselves to be the best leaders for these scholars.

It was amazing to watch the scholars come together as a community so quickly. They became engaged in their research but also engaged in working as a community. They presented outstanding papers at the end of the summer programs, worked for the Food Bank, worked for Habitat for Humanity, got to know faculty and staff on campus, and hopefully built connections that will result in their coming to Penn State as graduate students. We will be tracking this and other classes for the next several years to see if this ideal community results in increased numbers in our underrepresented student groups.

Notes: This team has also taken the skills exhibited in this project and used them throughout our yearly programs. The community building theme has become very important to us and continues to shape our thinking in every thing we do.

Contact Person: 
Evelynn Ellis
  • Judy Banker, Leader
  • Nathaniel Frederick, Leader
  • Syrena Johnson, Leader
  • Jenneth Layaou, Leader
  • Marcela Movit, Leader
  • David Perez, Leader
  • Curtis Price, Leader
  • Felicia Saunders, Leader
  • Teresa Tassotti, Leader
  • Caleb Wilson, Leader