Staff Retention Mentors Team

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College / Administrative Unit: 
Penn State Schuylkill
Date Started: 
December 2007
Based on a study completed by University Park, our campus has an average retention rate for Baccalaureate students. Our concern was that we perceived a lower retention rate for Associate students. Based on this perception and with some money from a grant, we established a mentoring program where the Mentors are staff members and the Mentees are Provisional and Associate degree students. We hope to achieve a better retention rate of these “at risk” students”.

Our project contains specific meeting times, individual meeting times, emails, phone calls, and Facebook. We only established the program in December and have not progressed through a semester to measure the outcomes.
Each time a student is contacted we will document the contact and type of contact. Our hypothesis is the more contact (information, email, "person to turn to") the more likely a student will be retained.

Results from Elyce Lykins 7/13/09:

This first Staff Mentor Team did not get as much response as we wanted.

We therefore opened it up to all First Year Students the following semesters.

This so far has received very good reports from the students by word of mouth, but nothing that has been statistically examined.

We are hoping to incorporate this into our everyday practice but have not completely established this yet.

Contact Person: 
Elyce Lykins
  • Rosanne Chesakis, Mentor
  • Shannon Del Conte, Mentor
  • Judy Lenick, Mentor
  • Susan Martin, Mentor
  • Lee Pottieger, Team Researcher
  • Stacy Seaman, Mentor
  • Patty Shoener, Mentor
  • Rose Snowell, Mentor
  • Rosalie Yeager, Mentor
  • Darlene Young, Mentor
  • Elyce Lykins, Leader