Schedule of Courses Improvements Team

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Team ID: 
College / Administrative Unit: 
Information Technology Services (ITS)
Undergraduate Education
Date Started: 
April 2007
Research various improvements to the web-based Schedule of Courses.

The team recommended several improvements, with planned implementation during 2008. One will change the Schedule of Courses from a "snap shot" taken each morning to a "real-time" reflection of course enrollments. Another will combine RI and CE courses in a single list to enable students to have a complete view of all courses offered at a location. Other recommendations involve additional search criteria.

Contact Person: 
Karen Schultz
  • Karen Schultz, Sponsor
  • Jeanne Hunter, Leader
  • Rebecca Beatty, Member
  • Dawn Boyer, Member
  • John Harwood, Member
  • George Khoury, Member
  • Jack Sinclair, Member
  • Penny Smith, Member
  • Nick Tates, Member
  • Shawn Wagner, Member