eLion Emergency Contact Team

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College / Administrative Unit: 
Information Technology Services (ITS)
Student Affairs
Undergraduate Education
University Relations
Date Started: 
May 2007
Following the events at Virgina Tech in April 2007, a decision was made to implement mandatory collection of emergency contact information for students prior to the fall 2007 semester.

At the beginning of fall semester 2007, all Penn State students were required, upon entering eLion, to provide name and phone number for someone who can be contacted in the event of an emergency. Students were prohibited from entering eLion to perform any functions (e.g. register for courses, pay tuition) until this information had been provided. Emergency contact information is now maintained in a data base accessible to Penn State Student Affairs staff who may need to contact parents/next of kin. Ninety-seven percent of students have provided this information.
Students were also encouraged to enter their cell phone number and carrier. This information was provided to the PSUTXT vendor to initiate subscriptions to that emergency notification service. Seventy-four percent of students have provided this information.
Students will be required to review/update their emergency contact information at the beginning of each fall and spring semester.

Contact Person: 
Karen Schultz
  • Philip Burlingame, Co-Sponsor
  • Karen Schultz, Co-Sponsor
  • Dawn Boyer, Member
  • Todd Clouser, Member
  • Carol Findley, Member
  • Ed McGowan, Member
  • Annemarie Mountz, Member
  • Kathi Reynolds, Member
  • John Yearick, Member