Unemployment Compensation Information System (UCIS) Design Team

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Finance and Business
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February 2005

The State sends Unemployment Compensation (UC) forms to OHR for completion of information on the reason a Penn State employee is unemployed. OHR phones or sends an e-mail to the Human Resources Representative for the administrative area where the employee is/was employed to get information for the forms. UC forms are then completed, copied, and mailed to the State.

Information on UC claims is entered in IBIS for reporting purposes. Penn State’s Unemployment Compensation Specialist and backup have access to information in IBIS.

AIS runs weekly reports on claims information by administrative area and sends paper copies to OHR. OHR copies and distributes paper reports to Human Resources Representatives.

The State bills Penn State quarterly for benefits paid to claimants. Approximately 400 individual paper printouts of benefits paid to claimants are sent to Penn State. Data from each individual paper printout is entered manually in IBIS.

After data is entered manually, AIS runs a quarterly report on amount of UC benefits paid by administrative area and sends paper copies to OHR. OHR copies and distributes paper reports to Human Resources Representatives and to Accounting.

Accounting takes information from the report provided by OHR to notify Financial Officers of UC claims for their administrative areas. The Financial Officers then notify Accounting Operations which budgets the charges should be billed to, and Accounting Operations manually enters Journal Vouchers.

The process for data collection of information for the State’s UC forms was inefficient.

Paper IBIS reports received from AIS had to be entered into a spreadsheet for analysis by Human Resources Representatives; OHR had no data analysis process.

Information on AIS reports for claims activity was inaccurate. OHR had to do a hand count of claims activities for quarterly reports.

Manual entry of the State’s data on individual paper printouts of benefits paid to claimants (approximately 400 per quarter) by OHR and Accounting Operations’ notification process, charge budget information collection process, and manual entry of Journal Vouchers was very cumbersome and time-consuming.

Human Resources Representatives and Financial Officers did not have access to UC claims detail in IBIS.

The UCIS team organized to design an electronic, automated system for the process of gathering and disseminating information on Unemployment Compensation claims to the State and to Human Resources Representative and Financial Officers.

The new electronic UCIS system streamlined processes in OHR. Additionally, it integrated functions performed by the Human Resources Representatives, Accounting Operations, and the Financial Officers by providing an electronic view of the pertinent data and reports for each administrative area and completing the processes via the University’s direct billing system.

Accurate information for State UC forms is obtained electronically from administrative areas. Accurate reports are electronically available to Human Resources Representatives, Financial Officers, and OHR. Accurate billing process for UC benefits paid to claimants is electronic. The process includes entry of the budget to be direct billed into the Accounting Operations' system by Financial Officers. The process also includes automatic calculation of benefits remaining (potential liability to an administrative area) for the claim.

Additional Information:

Unemployment Compensation Information Systems (UCIS)

Employment & Compensation launched the new Unemployment Compensation Information System (UCIS) on July 1, 2006. This electronic system was designed by OHR IT, in consultation with Employment & Compensation.

Human Resources Representatives now have electronic access to information on claims. Up-to-the-minute reports are available online. Prior to UCIS, reports were weekly paper reports with limited claims detail.

The Request for Information component of the system provides immediate electronic access to details of a claimant's separation from employment with Penn State. Access to files with this information is now available to Human Resources Representatives.

Financial Officers also have electronic access to details of Unemployment Compensation claims. This electronic information replaces quarterly paper reports.

The State provides an electronic billing file for Unemployment Compensation charges. Financial Officers can access the system and electronically apply charges to the necessary accounts. All charges are then direct billed into Penn State's accounting system, eliminating manual entry of journal vouchers by Accounting Operations.

UCIS provides a sophisticated data collection and data sharing system. This electronic system places Penn State in the forefront of technology for Pennsylvania's Unemployment Compensation process, from the time the claimant initiates a claim for benefits until Penn State reimburses the State for benefits paid.

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Diane Mills
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