Adult Learner Points of Entry Team

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Educational Equity
Student Affairs
Undergraduate Education
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July 2006
This task force was brought together to discuss how to improve our services and processes for returning adult learners. With the Provost’s acceptance of a Recommendations document from the Committee to Attract and Retain Adult Learners, a task force was needed to identify those services that impact adult learners at the point of entry to Penn State and how best to remove any barriers which may affect their enrollment.

Our first objective was to better understand how an adult learner is served by the various offices represented on the task force. After discussion from each representative as to how adult learners are handled, questions were raised on the process of counseling a returning adult. We have initiated a new process where the frontline staff in the Registrar's Office would send the adult learner upstairs to the Admissions Office to discuss the type of enrollment status in which to enroll. The Admissions receptionists' names would be given to the adult learner to provide them with a more personal experience. We will monitor this improvement of service to see how it affects the enrollments in non-degree, provisional, and degree status among adult learners. Other issues being discussed involve advising students with a math deficit; the terminology and process of changing status from Provisional to Degree on E-Lion.

1. A "No Fail Algebra" workshop was created and offered to adult learners in the Centre Region in spring '08 and is now a regular offering each semester to address the needs of adults who are returning to school.

2. Updated academic course information was created in the College of Health and Human Development to better assist adult learners who may be interested in obtaining a degree in Nursing.

3. A "Welcome" brochure geared to adult learners was created to help guide them to the resources available at University Park. This will be sent to all UP adult learners who have been offered admission.

These outcomes address the need to better communicate to our adult learners at UP and to offer them a chance to refresh their math skills.

September 22, 2008

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Martha Jordan
  • Martha Jordan, Chair
  • Brian Clark, Member
  • Karen Duncan, Member
  • Betsy Esposito, Member
  • Felicita Fritsch, Member
  • Lyn Harmon, Member
  • Charlene Harrison, Member
  • Marie Lindhorst, Member
  • Betty McKinley, Member
  • Kimberly Moyer, Member
  • Shannon Ritter, Member
  • Ted Timmerman, Member