PA Alumni Admissions Volunteer and Lions ROAR Development Team

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Undergraduate Education
Date Started: 
April 2005
This team was formed to build upon the extremely successful program of out-of-state Alumni Admissions Volunteers as a way of developing similarly successful activities and initiatives with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This project encompasses the creation and development of Alumni Admissions Volunteer groups that will represent the entirety of Penn State while having strong connections with Undergraduate Admissions at University Park as well as the local Penn State campus. Additionally, this team will evaluate and make recommedations to improve and modify the information systems tools that facilitate Lions ROAR (a phonathon and email intervention program targeted at students who have been offered admission to Penn State).

ExpectedResults: Three pilot Alumni Volunteer groups have been established, one each in the Delaware, New Kensington, and York campus areas. Kickoff/Trainings have been conducted with each of these groups and individual alumni volunteers have begun contacting students offered admission to Penn State (for the purpose of sharing their positive experiences as Penn State students and graduates). Additionally, many of the information systems tools that have existed for many years are nearing a completion of a significant update. The updates to these systems and tools include the elimination of duplicate systems, the movement of mainframe processes to a more user-friendly and powerful web-based database and interface, and the addition of new functionality necessary for Pennsylvania initiatives.
Contact Person: 
David Kuskowski
  • Randy Deike, Sponsor
  • Elaine Barsness, Member
  • Craig Benner, Member
  • Patricia Brady, Member
  • Karen Butler, Member
  • Sharon Christ, Member
  • Deborah Erie, Member
  • Martha Jordan, Member
  • David Kuskowski, Member
  • Cathy Schwab, Member
  • Jennifer Snare, Member