Generate Revenue for Outreach (GRO) Team

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April 2004
The GRO team was charged in April 2004 by Craig D. Weidemann and the Outreach Executive Team. The charge for GRO was to explore new ways to generate alternative revenue streams and create process efficiencies by leveraging resources across the entire Outreach organization.

To date….the GRO team is piloting capturing academic conference proceedings digitally and marketing these proceedings to people who could not attend in person. We have to be careful we do not cannabalize existing enrollments in so doing….and we also want to then explore how we might re-purpose these proceedings in other ways (a PSPB segment of PA Inside/Out or perhaps a World Campus course). This project is a collaboration across Conferences and & Institutes (C&I), Penn State Public Broadcasting (PSPB), and Marketing.

The GRO team has also looked at the registration processes and costs across our delivery units (CE@UP, C&I, World Campus) and made recommendations for efficiencies to bring the overall cost of registrations down.

Going forward, GRO has a whole host of things they are looking at and evaluating to fit within their charge.
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Tami Mizikar
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