Equipment Process Review Team

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University Libraries
Date Started: 
June 2005
The goal is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the equipment/software cycle, which includes the following: request, purchase, receipt, inventory, storage, installation and disposal.

The Review Team will pursue the following:
Ensure that all procedures and processes are documented
Assign responsiblities
Create timelines
Develop appropriate policies
Create a tracking mechanism
Apply technologies to improve the process
Ensure that the Libraries’ processes conform to University policies

Summary of Recommendations:

Within six months:

Assign an Equipment Request Design/Implementation Team to develop a fully automated Equipment Request process which incorporates requests, checks for completeness, and the ability to attach quotes and other documents, an approval path, status information, email notification to budget administrator upon receipt of the requested item.
Document, and make web available, the various sources of equipment tracking taking place within the Libraries.
Create an electronic Network Authorization Form. Explore opportunities for interaction with the automated Equipment Process system to ensure the ready availability of the form, as needed, and to record that the form has been completed.
Document the internal process for equipment disposition.
Assign a Disposition Request Design/Implementation Team to develop a fully automated internal Disposition Request Form which would be used to initiate the University’s disposal procedure.

Within one year:

Test, implement and provide user training for Equipment Request and Disposition Request systems.

Identify Administrative/Finance/Business Office data and report needs regarding Libraries’ equipment. Work with contacts to ensure that data needs are met.

We have been able to eliminate the weekly Equipment Review Team meeting, which has been a time saver for the members of the team. A paper form for equipment approval now circulates to the appropriate individuals to complete the process. By eliminating the weekly meeting, we have definitely reduced costs and the current system seems to be efficient. However, an electronic version has yet to be created and the current system is not connected to the University's disposition system. There have been other priorities that needed to be resolved. Additional progress is planned in the near future.

August 29, 2008

Contact Person: 
Bill Bishop
  • Marianne Guidos, Facilitator
  • Bill Bishop, Member
  • Jean McClintock, Member
  • Betty Nirnberger, Member
  • Mark Saussure, Member
  • Ronald Servello, Member