Student Aid Data Analysis Support Team

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Enrollment Management and Administration
Date Started: 
September 2004
Objective: Demands for student aid data and analysis have grown significantly over the past several years and continue to grow. While the majority of the requests received are fulfilled by our Information Analyst, the staff appointed to this team are increasingly becoming more involved in the use of data and the data warehouse to respond to the needs of their teams. The volume of requests, in and of itself, has come to require management that has the potential to command precious time from our Information Analyst that pulls the Information Analyst away from the analysis function and into project tracking and management. This team within our organization will give visibility to and better address the growing needs of this very important functional area of the office.

Essential work of the core team (Shari Howell, Wayne Leone and Bob Snyder) includes the following: Documentation of all requests for data or analysis using a request form protocol; Catalogue and quantify the workload for all data requests; Establishment of a Data Analysis Work Plan; Determine priorities for meeting data/information analysis requests; and Report monthly to the Planning Team on the progress of the Data Analysis Support Team and review the priorities and issues with the Planning Team.

The primary work of all team members will include the following: Review, update and maintain the integrity of the Office of Student Aid data warehouse; Become trained as power users of the data warehouse; Identify other staff throughout the office to be trained as power users with the goal of routine requests for data being handled within each team; and Establish standardized data sets annually enabling the office to respond more efficiently to external data requests and questions about student aid recipients, programs, and funding.
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Anna Griswold
  • Anna Griswold, Sponsor
  • Laura Garver, Member
  • Shari Howell, Member
  • Wayne Leone, Member
  • Cindy Myers, Member
  • Bob Quinn, Member
  • Paul Simenson, Member
  • Bob Snyder, Member
  • Linda Soltis, Member
  • Steve Stere, Member