Student Aid SSN Project Team

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Enrollment Management and Administration
Date Started: 
April 2004
Objective: The charge to the committee was to align the business processes of the Office of Student Aid with the general direction set by the larger University SSN committee in migrating away from the use of SSN as a primary identifier for student record keeping. The Office of Student Aid SSN project team analyzed all business processes to determine where SSN was being used, where it could be converted to PSU ID, and where it needed to remain in use for federal purposes.

The Office of Student Aid is among the few offices that needed to retain SSN due to its relationship with federal and state agencies. This added a challenge to the assignment since it was necessary to evaluate which areas of the office really needed to continue using SSN, and which ones could really do their work with the PSU ID.

The SSN Project team was successful in making the transition due to the understanding of the group as to the sensitivity of SSN, but also due to the appreciation of the larger University community of student aid's need to continue using SSN.

The team was able to reduce the liability and vulnerability of the Student Aid Office by reducing our use of SSN in the office.

At the time the group was meeting, we identified places in our system where SSN would still need to be used. These included reports, screens, & our internal data warehouse. Since the time the group was disbanded, we have further reduced our use of SSN by removing it from our internal data warehouse.

Some small, informal groups are continuing to study the use of SSN, the impact of CIDR, and some of the inherent problems associated with the restricted use of SSN.

August 22, 2008

Contact Person: 
Anna Griswold
  • Anna Griswold, Sponsor
  • Shari Howell, Leader
  • Bob Quinn, Leader
  • Laura Garver, Member
  • Jean Gasparato, Member
  • Wayne Leone, Member
  • Carol Lewis, Member
  • Evelyn Nordberg, Member
  • Paul Simenson, Member
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