UHS Infection Control Committee

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Team ID: 
College / Administrative Unit: 
Student Affairs
Date Started: 
August 2004
Objective: Influenza immunization rates among UHS staff. Non-immunized UHS health care workers are at increased risk for contracting the flu & thus become part of the ā€œchain of infection.ā€ Ill staff have the potential of spreading flu to their patients, co-workers, and the community. Infection Control Committee will look at the percentage of UHS staff who are flu immunized & evaluate why staff choose not to be immunized. Goal: improve flu immunization rates among UHS staff.
Contact Person: 
Patricia Irwin
  • Peg Spear, Sponsor
  • Skip Bassett, Co-Leader
  • Alicia Lentz, Co-Leader
  • Jill Blake, Member
  • Jennifer Brooks, Member
  • Wes Cartwright, Member
  • Patricia Grieb, Member
  • Kristin Klinefelter, Member
  • Joseph Reilly, Member