UHS Use of Oxygen Team

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Team ID: 
College / Administrative Unit: 
Student Affairs
Date Started: 
August 2004
Objective: Anecdotal review of Emergency Medical Services emergency response documentation form reports revealed that emergency oxygen therapy was not being used and/or documented by emergency medical technicians (EMTs) when its use was appropriate as per state EMS oxygen use protocol. Goal: to increase the use and/or documentation of the use of oxygen when its use is appropriate to do so as per protocol.
Desired Results: 

Documentation of appropriate use of oxygen by EMTs on EMS emergency response documentation form reports.

Contact Person: 
Patricia Irwin
  • Peg Spear, Sponsor
  • Dave Jones, Leader
  • Katie Bean, Member
  • Matt Bisgaier, Member
  • Matt Boland, Member
  • Katrina Kissman, Member
  • Matt McMullan, Member
  • Scott Pasichow, Member
  • Erica Redline, Member
  • Laura Richardson, Member