Annex Process Improvement Team

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Team ID: 
College / Administrative Unit: 
University Libraries
Date Started: 
May 2004
Objective: Charge - “the assessment of Library Annex operations as they pertain to the delivery of materials, in all formats, to the users of collections, at all locations real and virtual. The object of this appraisal will be to improve the promptness, accuracy, and quality of service while increasing the satisfaction of the users.”

The request and delivery process involves several alternative methods, each of which serve different functions (ie - book or journal article), and/or different user groups (ie - registered/non-registered, PSU/non-PSU). In accordance with the conditions of our charge (to maintain a no-fee service, use of existing systems, no additional staff), we have focused on reducing confusion among users and staff, by simplifying the process, clarifying instructions and tools, and increasing knowledge and awareness among Library personnel.

ExpectedResults: We have completed our analysis and critique of the existing process, correlated problems with proposed solutions, and developed flowcharts to describe both the existing process, and the improved process proposal (ie - “before” and “after”) Various particulars will be identified for implementation on a 3 and 6 month timeline, with followup assessment after 9 months. We are currently working on the final presentation to our sponsors.


Timeliness - streamline the process
- keep "I Want It" and ILLiad
- Eliminate paper requests
Establish departmental accounts - library staff will submit requests on behalf of non-registered and non-Penn State
- Customized annex reports

Accuracy - reduce confusion
- Clarify WegCAT interface and links
Simplify instructions page
Create direct link from WebCAT to ILLiad
Modify text label on 029 field (shelf locator code)

Quality of Service - external support
- Technology
Include scanners in life cycle
Systems maintenance
- Network
- Hardware
- Software

Public Services
Endorsement and promotion - towards an improved understanding and acceptance of annex request and delivery

Contact Person: 
Frank Schrader
  • Barbara Coopey, Sponsor
  • Ann Snowman, Sponsor
  • Frank Schrader, Leader
  • Ann Dodd, Facilitator
  • Edward Armstrong, Member
  • Cameron Banks, Member
  • Wertney Cox, Member
  • Jeff Marker, Member
  • Verne Neff, Member
  • Jill Roland, Member
  • Robert Seeds, Member
  • Eric Wheeler, Member