New Employee Orientation and Exit Procedure Task Force

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April 2004
Objective: In the process of working with the Abington Office of Business Services on developing a unit strategic plan, Abington’s Human Resources representative spoke to me at length regarding the problem of not getting forms required by the University on time or properly filled out. The problem had grown increasingly worse since Abington became a college and began hiring more personnel. As co-chair of Abington’s Strategic Planning, Implementation, and Assessment Committee (SPIA), I spoke with the Dean (my SPIA co-chair). She spoke with the Director of Business Services and then decided to form a task force to establish a policy and forms to cover the employee hiring and separation process. The six-person task force began meeting in spring 2004 and met regulary through the second week in September. The task force designed forms for the new employee, the hiring office supervisor, and for students on wage payroll. The task force also developed a policy with explanations of each form required by the University. The forms were revised numerous times. Currently, the college’s directors have the new policy and forms and will use them in the hiring and separation process. Any problems will be reported to me, and I will discuss the problems with the task force which will now serve as an oversight team.

Expected Results: Our goal is to standardize the hiring and separation process across the Abington College. We will measure the degree of success of our new policy and procedures by the number of problems reported by our Human Resources representative, by the number of items (keys, cards, laptops,etc.) not returned when an employee leaves the college, and by a survey to be sent to each hiring area concerning the usefulness of the policy and procedure now in effect.
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Samir Ouzomgi
  • Karen Wiley Sandler, Sponsor
  • Patricia Rizzolo, Chair
  • Ashley Anthony, Member
  • Dinah Geiger, Member
  • Russell Mulkewycz, Member
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  • Patricia Zitomer, Member