Improving the Student Enrollment Process Team - A Second Examination

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Date Started: 
May 2004
Objective: There is concern among some college deans and faculty that a limited number of students are using the policy of non-cancellation of classes to avoid the recording of poor academic performance. A limited number of students are intentionally not paying their tuition and fees, even though they are attending classes. At the end of the semester, if their grades are satisfactory, they pay their tuition and fees, complete their registration, and have the grades recorded on their academic record. If their grades are not satisfactory, they do not pay their tuition and fees and nothing is recorded on their academic record.

The team was also asked to review any additional aspects of the enrollment process to determine if there are other issues that may need attention.

The following recommendations were submitted by the team:

1. That there be no change to current practices with respect to students with incomplete registration status (except for the initiative proposed in recommendation #4 below).

2. That the appropriate administrative offices be requested to review all late fee charges to determine whether these fees should be increased to prompt swifter action by students, and reviewed for consistency for parity across the various fees.

3. That the University Registrar be charged with changing the retroactive registration appeal process to become an administrative process based in the Office of the University Registrar.

4. That further study of a University-wide service be developed for determining actual student enrollment at some point in the semester. The intended outcome of this service would be to specifically identify students who are not enrolled, and for whom their incomplete registrations should be cancelled.

5. The closing of a loop hole that currently allows a student with incomplete registration to gain enrollment to the ensuing semester.

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  • Ken Babe, Sponsor
  • John Romano, Sponsor
  • Anna Griswold, Leader
  • Roseann Sieminski, Leader
  • Jim Wager, Leader
  • Barbara Sherlock, Facilitator
  • Garry Burkle, Member
  • David Christy, Member
  • Gail Gilchrest, Member
  • Ralph Hosterman, Member
  • Michele Jais, Member
  • Paul Simenson, Member
  • Chris Walters, Member