OPP Equipment Management Team

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Date Started: 
March 2004
Develop processes for managing the janitorial equipment inventory to include purchasing, resource, planning, maintenance and repair, accountability, and record keeping that address the following:

A) Purchases based upon justification.
B) Purchases from approved selections.
C) Approved selections based upon a testing program.
D) Documented five-year replacement plan that works in conjunction with the equipment reserve account.
E) Outfitting plan for new facilities.
F) Defined preventative maintenance and repair program.
G) Usage, maintenance and repair training.
H) Established process to promote accountability for use, care, and storage.
I) Standardized terminology for records.
J) Method to maintain inventory records.
K) Emergency equipment location records.

Goal: Improve management practices to be a more effective steward of janitorial equipment.
Contact Person: 
  • Janitorial Quality Management Board, Sponsor
  • Larry Banahasky, Leader
  • Ron Eckenroth, Facilitator
  • Greg Andersen, Member
  • John Armstrong, Member
  • Pam Bickle, Member
  • Richard Boonie, Member
  • Robin Burns, Member
  • Rick Dills, Member
  • Dale Eckley, Member
  • Lance Foster, Member
  • Ron Nagle, Member
  • Deb Olenick, Member