University Health Services Departments of Finance and Patient Services, Laboratory, and Radiology “Checkout and Billing” Team

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College / Administrative Unit: 
Student Affairs
Date Started: 
February 2004
Develop a system for ensuring consistency in patient checkout and bill payment to decrease the number of students not paying for services and to maximize revenue.

6/29/04 - We have two QI projects that are addressing issues related to "lost income": 1) patients "walking out" without presenting at Check-Out with their superbills for processing; (Team #582) and 2) incomplete information on superbills; i.e., services being provided are not noted by staff on the superbill and thus are not charged to the patient. (Team #583) Between the two QI projects we have been able to recoup $16,460.25 in lab and x-ray charges from April 2003 - April 2004. - Pat Irwin

Contact Person: 
  • Peg Spear, Sponsor
  • Kristin Klinefelter, Leader
  • Melanie Harris, Member
  • Barbara Rigg, Member
  • Barbara Virgil, Member