Ag ICT Strategic Planning

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Team ID: 
College / Administrative Unit: 
Agricultural Sciences, College of
Date Started: 
January 2004
Objective: Objective: The team will gather input, offer suggestions, and provide group discussion that will be used for the development of a Strategic Plan for the Information and Communication Technologies Unit in the College of Agricultural Sciences. The plan is intended to provide the unit with direction in a challenging and changing era that offers the opportunity to provide the college with focused communications and technology leadership.

ExpectedResults: Expected Results: The team’s efforts will assist the unit to develop a plan as a living, relevant process that enables the unit to continually recognize both needs and opportunities for the college, and to maintain the staff expertise and leadership to meet those needs.
Contact Person: 
  • Richard Kipp, Sponsor/Leader
  • Sharon Spicer, Facilitator
  • Gretta Armstrong, Member
  • Tom Cherry, Member
  • Jeff Mulhollem, Member
  • Beth Raney, Member
  • Amanda Rudisill, Member
  • Peg Shuffstall, Member
  • Dave Spaar, Member
  • Neal Vines, Member
  • Steve Williams, Member