Center for Women Students - Men Against Violence

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Team ID: 
College / Administrative Unit: 
Student Affairs
Date Started: 
January 2003
Men Against Violence is a group of students, staff, and faculty men who are committed to the reduction and eradication of violence against woman on campus and in the community. The group remains a small one, but the members are dedicated. They have held discussions and participated in training so they can begin to do educational programming. They will be joining our other peer education group, PHREE, for a series of trainings.
Contact Person: 
  • Susan DelPonte, Facilitator
  • Peggy Lorah, Facilitator
  • Brian Barry, Member
  • Jason Buim, Member
  • Nicholas Genger-Boeldt, Member
  • Joshua Groft, Member
  • Brian Jara, Member
  • Scott Kiefer, Member
  • Bob Krimmel, Member
  • Seth Martin, Member
  • Dom Santavicca, Member
  • Jared Sorber, Member
  • Steven Stipanovich, Member
  • Larry Young, Member
  • David Yukelson, Member