Record Integrity Project (Phase 1 and 2)

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College / Administrative Unit: 
Enrollment Management and Administration
Date Started: 
January 2003
The record integrity project involves comparisons of all copies of a student’s record, merging records to ISIS, verification of a complete ISIS record, and deleting any duplicate records. There are approximately 23,000 records identified that need to be reviewed and updated. This process will involve many members of the Registrar office staff. The project will be divided into three phases to better organize the process flow. In some cases, data updates will be required required from the Senate Office and the Graduate School.

Complete 10/01/02: Identify population of split records (all phases) and establish procedures for review/update of records (Phase 1)
Complete 10/01/02: Begin record review/update procedures (Phase 1)
Complete 01/31/03: Establish revised procedures for review/update of records and verification of records (Phase 1)
Complete 03/17/03: Establish new/revised procedures for review/update/verification of records (Phase 1, 2, 3)
Complete 04/07/03: Create OpTech file and produce ISIS records for Phase 2 records.
Complete 06/07/03: Train and begin Phase 2 matching process.
Complete 08/14/03: Train and begin Phase 2 review process.
Complete 06/27/03: Complete Phase 1 (3,124 records)
Complete 09/01/03: Begin Phase 2 update/verify process
Complete 12/08/03: Complete Phase 2 (10,105 records)

Contact Person: 
  • Jim Wager, Sponsor
  • Anne Kepler, Leader
  • Vicki Bordi, Member
  • Donna Campbell, Member
  • Karen Craig, Member
  • Tina Craig, Member
  • Hazel Davidson, Member
  • Debbie Diercks, Member
  • Wanda Givler, Member
  • Sharon Hilliard, Member
  • Melissa Holobinko, Member
  • Kaye Keith, Member
  • Darlene Klinefelter, Member
  • Penny Kowalski, Member
  • Joan LeBlanc, Member
  • Lori Mc Cracken, Member
  • Peggy Moore, Member
  • Dona Oberheim, Member
  • Peggy Passuello, Member
  • Deb Richards, Member
  • Kris Taylor, Member
  • Sherry Wagner, Member
  • Diana Watson, Member
  • Shari Welch, Member
  • Lisa Witherite, Member