Enrollment Verifications

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Enrollment Management and Administration
Date Started: 
January 2003
We currently have data conditions that are not correctly reported on the Enrollment Verification. This project will correct these deficiencies, simplify the request process, provide consistency to all enrollment verifications, and expand the verification process to include applicable World Campus courses. This project will also introduce an enrollment verification fee to third-party requestors who choose to not use the free web service.

Completed 02/28/03: Business rule changes agreed upon.
Completed 03/07/03: Brode. Complete programming estimates and assignments.
Completed 06/25/03: Complete OUR programming and testing of the verification sub-program, ARUSTE, and eLion verification application.
Completed 06/25/03: Complete AIS programming of: ARUSTG and data base correction of enrolled credits.
Completed 07/11/03: User testing of all changes against the specifications.
Completed 08/04/03: Finalize staff training.
Completed 06/11/03: Wager will initiate change of audit credit rule with the Faculty Senate.

To ACUE 05/23/03:Wager - Develop new ACUE policy regarding the use of co-ops and internships as these apply to full-time status.
Completed 08/05/03: Full production.

Business Rule Changes:
1.Request change from Senate to remove audit credits from calculation of full-time.
2.Courses crossing two semesters will be counted only one time. The course will be counted in the calculation during the semester the course started
3.Summer calculation will use 12 credits = full-time
4.All enrollment verifications (past semesters, current semester, and future semesters) will be driven from the number of enrolled credits on the semester file. This will require a change to screen ARUSTG to update the enrolled credits fields, and a one-time update to prior semester records on the database. As part of this database update, audit credits will be removed from the enrolled credits fields.
5.We will no longer be manually calculating or reporting class-rank.
6.Expected date of graduation will be calculated as follows:
a. If the student has set the intent to graduate flag, report the current semester.
b. Else, use the semester classification value. Add to the student’s semester class the value needed to reach
11, and then report this future fall/spring semester. Example: current semester = Spring 2003 and student
semester classification = 08. Expected date of graduation would be reported as Fall 2004.
c. If student semester classification = 11, report the following fall or spring semester.
7.World Campus technology based (TC) courses will be included in the new verification calculation starting Fall 2002.
8.New verification logic developed.
9.Verifications will not distinguish between students in an incomplete or complete registration status.
10.All printed verifications will include a statement that this document is valid as of this date and time.
11.Currently enrolled students will not be charged for an enrollment verification. They will be encouraged to order using eLion, however walk-in and mail-in requests will be provided without charge. Third party requests will not be charged if they use the public verification web site. All third party requests, and all former student requests, provided by walk-in or mail-in requests will charge $6 for each verification.
12.There will be no computer program change to considering students as full-time if they are enrolled in an approved co-op program. However, there will be a new policy developed that will provide a defined procedure for designating a co-op program as full-time equivalent.
13.Simplify the presentation of screen ARUSTE, eLion Verification application, and public web site to list the directory items that will be printed on the verification document without student authorization, and the additional items that will be presented if authorized by the student.
14.Add summer enrollment dates to the verification document in a similar manner as fall and spring dates are now presented. The “special note” for summer dates will be removed, and the inserted summer date document will no longer be provided along with the verification document.
15.All printed verification documents will follow a consistent format, regardless of the request source (web or ISIS).

Contact Person: 
  • Jim Wager, Sponsor
  • Dona Oberheim, Leader
  • Ross Brode, Member
  • Cheri Gallagher, Member
  • Alberto Gutierrez, Member
  • Marty Smith, Member