Complete Department Cross-Training

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Team ID: 
College / Administrative Unit: 
Enrollment Management and Administration
Date Started: 
March 2003
Develop and implement a plan for completion of cross training of all staff within the Academic Records department. This includes completing the training on ISIS screens and merging, accessing and understanding the shared files of the two former departments.

Completed 03/14/03: Identify all screens, procedures, and files. Ensure appropriate access for all staff. Develop format for training. Identify trainers/trainees.
Completed 03/17/03: Begin weekly training sessions.
Completed 05/14/03: Complete training sessions.

Contact Person: 
  • Jim Wager, Sponsor
  • Anne Kepler, Leader
  • Vicki Bordi, Member
  • Karen Craig, Member
  • Debbie Diercks, Member
  • Roberta Hardin, Member
  • Melissa Holobinko, Member
  • Diana Watson, Member
  • Shari Welch, Member