Phase-Out Telephone Registration/Graduation System

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Enrollment Management and Administration
Date Started: 
March 2003
Use of the telephone system has dropped dramatically since Web registration was introduced. The system is expensive to maintain and will not be supported by the vendor after July of 2004. This is a plan to eliminate the telephone registration and intent-to-graduate services.

Completed 03/28/03: Talk with Jerry Stimley to determine if there are any reasons not to disconnect some of the phone lines at this time.

Completed 03/28/03: Identify issues for users who may rely on the telephone for registration. For example: re-enrollment students, LEAP registration, and workers at offices with firewalls preventing access to outside Web applications.

Completed 06/01/03: 64 telephone lines disconnected fro the IVR system. Cost of remaining 32 lines to be split between AIS and Registrar’s office.

Completed 06/02/03: Complete gathering of phone system usage data. It is important that we have data from the “busy” registration times to demonstrate that the phone system is not being used at any where near capacity. Develop cost/usage justifications for eliminating this service.

Completed 06/02/03: Determine from usage data, which campuses are the highest users of the telephone registration system. This information will help us shape our announcements regarding the deletion of the system. IT staff support will be required to obtain this data.

Completed 06/04/03: Contact the campus registrars to inform them of the proposal and seek their input regarding how to best inform their students.

Completed 07/30/03: Review all documents that refer to telephone registration and prepare to remove references at end of Fall 2002.

Completed 07/30/03: Develop announcements to be used during the fall semester to inform the University community that the system will be disconnected in December.

Completed Sep.-Dec.: Distribute the announcements several times through various means to inform the University community.

Completed 12/23/03: Disconnect the system.

Contact Person: 
  • Jim Wager, Sponsor
  • Garry Burkle, Leader
  • Wanda Givler, Member
  • Clyde Le Fevre, Member
  • Peggy Moore, Member
  • Jerry Stimely, Member