Web Mail System (WES)

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Team ID: 
College / Administrative Unit: 
Enrollment Management and Administration
Date Started: 
May 2003
The Web Email System (WES) provides frequently asked admissions questions at a “click” on the Web for high school students and guidance counselors. Students can also send Web emails and receive a personal response from an admissions counselor within 24 hours. Internally the UAO can manage and track emails coming into the office to help provide excellent email customer service. Since its implementation, over 12,000 students and counselors have received information from the Undergraduate Admissions Office through WES.
Contact Person: 
  • John Romano, Sponsor
  • Brett Cione, Member
  • Anne Johnson, Member
  • Anne Rohrbach, Member
  • Jeffrey Waters, Member
  • Mark Weaver, Member
  • Betsy Wiser, Member