ESM On-Line Faculty Resume Development Team

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Engineering, College of
Date Started: 
July 2003
Objective: The Engineering Science and Mechanics Department is developing a web-based faculty resume database that is extremely user-friendly. As entries are added to the resume they are updated “live” on-line and this eliminates the need to FTP updates to a website. Departmental staff have electronic access and may update the resumes which frees faculty members from making a time investment in maintaining a current resume.

While the database for the resumes grows as entries are added and the viewer is able to view and print an entire resume, our primary goal for the on-line resume is for the purpose of printing short (1-2 page) current resumes for each faculty member. Thus a convenient “do not print” feature is available so that only specific entries will be included when one utilizes the “short resume” print feature.

Key features are that faculty, and or staff, will be able to update a resume at any given time so that potential industrial and research contacts as well as students can access key faculty information from the web concerning department faculty.

An additional outcome of the database and on-line resume is that the institution that accredits our academic undergraduate program requires we submit, as part of our accreditation package, a 1-2 page resume for each faculty member. By maintaining our on-line resumes on a regular basis, we will have a nominal time investment to prepare this particular portion of our accreditation submission package at the time of our next review.

Expected Results: To date we have 80% of the resumes completed. The remaining 20% will be to enter graphics that are representative of faculty research activities. We are also in the process of finalizing our authentication procedures and access privileges parameters.

Notes: In conjunction with this effort, we have also used the same technology strategies to develop on line course resumes in a format that are required of our accreditation review packages. As course outlines are modified, changes are made to the course outlines and thus reflect the department’s commitment to continuous quality improvement in our baccalaureate program.
Contact Person: 
  • Bradley Long, Lead Developer
  • Judith Todd, Executive Sponsor
  • William Ames, Member
  • Susan Croyle, Member