Extend-A-Day Energy Outreach Program

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Engineering, College of
Date Started: 
August 2003
Objective: Team’s goal was to provide mini-grants to public/private schools and organizations interested in renewable and sustainable energy for youth as an after school program–hence the project name “Extend-A-Day Energy Program.” The Team would advertise and select schools/programs to sponsor for the Program. Team would prepare Handbook, media and other on-line and hard copy resources, including a series of activities for youth–target audience middle school youth. Extend-A-Day mini-grants, however, would also be offered to elementary and secondary schools to pilot new programs and activities.

Expected Results: In December 2003, the team granted thirteen school districts and one community based organization mini-grants to support interested teacher(s) involvement and funds to purchase materials for energy activities. The thirteen programs extend from Erie to Berks counties in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in metropolitan, suburban, and rural school systems. Each school district either a superintendent, principal or curriculum supervisor had to sign a Memorandum of Understanding in regard to meeting Program goals and objectives. PSU will use the internet to exchange and share ideas and information with the granting schools and other interested school and community based (such as an environmental center) educational programs. Our program was modeled after a successful and continuous program at Oregon State University started when Dr. Spanier was the provost and vice president for academic affairs.

Notes: The program has been developed in cooperation with the Department of Education and will part of the Governor’s School in July 2004. Funding sources for this program have been the Berks County Community Foundation and The Community Foundation for the Alleghenies MetEd/Penelec Sustainable Energy Fund. Our program thanks SMILE Program Director, Eda Davis Butts at Oregon State University for sharing information about their program with Penn State.
Contact Person: 
  • John Vincenti, Project Director
  • Guy Anderson, Member
  • Tom Iwinski, Member
  • Bonnie King, Member
  • Terry Reed, Member
  • Ruth Ruud, Member
  • Melissa Stark, Member
  • Deborah Zimmerman, Member