Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology Graduate Student Information

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Team ID: 
College / Administrative Unit: 
Agricultural Sciences, College of
Date Started: 
June 2003
Process/Charge/Issue Statement: Examine current processes for handling academic and financial information for admitted graduate students and recommend improvements. Improvements are defined as looking for ways to improve efficiency of handling materials, economize on staff resources, establish internal verification, and appropriate distribution of responsibilities among those involved.

Topics within the current processes to be examined include Terms of Offer, Assistantships, GIAs, Funding, Performance, Academic Progress, Demographic Information, Assignments, Student Activities, Student Publications, Honors & Awards, External Funding Support, Placement, Contact Information, Academic Advisor, and International Student Information.

As part of the CQI process, determine whether it is possible to develop and maintain a single electronic source of information to meet the information needs of all department users.

Tagret date to report recommendations: July 31, 2003
Target date to complete implementation: December 31, 2003

While the team works: no additional staff resources
Regarding recommendations:

While the team works: redistribution of duties as needed to free up time for CQI wrok.
Regarding recommendations: limited funds will be made available for implementation. ITSG resources will
be available to support implementation.

Methods of Communication between sponsor and team:
Emails; regular reports summarizing activities of the team. The definition of “regular” will be determined when the team establishes how it will work. Leader will prepare summaries, with review by the team prior to submission to Dr. Blandford (sponsor)
Contact Person: 
  • David Blandford, Sponsor
  • Linda Mace, Leader
  • Barbara Sherlock, Facilitator
  • David Abler, Member
  • Sue Confer, Member
  • Donna Hawbaker, Member
  • Traci Shimmel, Member
  • Stephen Smith, Member
  • Shannon Stokes, Member
  • Robbie Swanger, Member