Financial Processing Team

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College / Administrative Unit: 
Agricultural Sciences, College of
Date Started: 
June 2002
Process/Charge/Issue Statement: Examine current process for handling IBIS forms and recommmend improvements. Improvements are defined as looking for ways to improve efficiency of handling materials, economizing on staff resources, and appropriate distribution of responsibilities among those involved. As part of the CQI process, determine whether it is possible to track the volume of work for future cost recovery from users.

Constraints: Regarding recommendations - No additional staff resources (planning on a reduction of one staff support FTE in the administrative office)

Resources - While the team works - Redistribution of duties as needed to free up time for CQI work.
- Regarding recommendations - Limited funds will be made available for implementation.

Methods of Communication Between Sponsor and Team: e-mails regular reports summarizing activites of the team. The definition of “regular” will be determined when the team establishes how it will work. Co-leaders will prepare summaries, with review by the team prior to submission to Dr. Blandford (sponsor).

Methods: The first process to be studied was the Direct Billing of Mail Charges. After preparing a flow chart, the team identified the sources of problems in reconciling charges. The most critical problem was the lack of documentation for charges on the direct bill; 46% of all mail charges were not reported over a 3 month period. More discussions to come.

Target Start Date for Implementation: August 2002

Update 3/25/2003:
Background/Methods: Following the staff downsizing (including the loss of one person who worked 60% on financial forms processing) the team decided to look at ways to distribute workload while providing improved faculty support. It is expected that this will increase customer satisfaction, which will be determined through individual faculty discussions with the department head during evaluations.

The processes of reviewing travel plans for funds availability, making travel arrangements, and reporting travel were mapped using Visio. The processes included departmental, college, and University requirements.

Resulting Recommendations:

First Class Postage and International/Air Mail on General Funds- Revise the Blude Card to include more information to help in reconciling charges. Use the Blue Card for all mailings associated with fund numbers beginning with "1". Scan the mail room daily for missing or incomplete mail cards.

UPS Charges on General Funds - Attempt to obtain information about UPS charges from Mailing Services by: Attaching a copy of the mail form (on blue paper) to the package. Receiving the blue copies with cost information from Mailing Services. Make a second copy of the mail form and give to Joan Haus in 103 Armsby.

General Implementation approach:
Post all new guidelines and forms to the AERS Intranet.
Work through the department staff assistants to implement changes.
Ask the staff assistants to notify the faculty they support.
Notify the faculty of changes at August Faculty Meeting.

Target completion date for implementation: August 31, 2002

Resulting Recommendation (s): Staff Assistants who provide direct support for faculty will be trained in the processes, in the identification of budget information, and in IBIS forms processing. It is estimated that this will address about 90% of the financial processing that directly supports faculty.

General implementation approach: Access to IBIS was requested for Staff Assistants and SecurID tokens were ordered. Training session for processes was conducted by the CQI Tream on October 17, 2002. IBIS Training session was conducted on October 21, 2002. The staff who already know how to complete the forms will work closely with staff assistants to help them build knowledge/skills.

Target start date for implementation: October 21, 2002

Target completion date for implementation: This will be a learning process for the staff assistants and for the faculty. It is expected that reasonable capability wil be established by the end of December 2002.

Contact Person: 
Linda Mace
  • David Blandford, Sponsor
  • Linda Mace, Leader
  • Barbara Sherlock, Facilitator
  • Sue Confer, Member
  • Joan Haus, Member
  • Linda Kline, Member
  • Traci Shimmel, Member
  • Cindy Teeters, Member