Enabling Prospective Students to Explore the University Park Campus Online

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Earth and Mineral Sciences, College of
Date Started: 
September 2002

Challenge: Over 50,000 digital University Park campus maps are downloaded each month from the Gould Center’s Visitors’ Guide site. The Gould Center designed these detailed maps to assist visitors in navigating to and around campus in 1990. Prospective students who wish to explore the campus from afar are not well served by existing, print-oriented maps, however. This project helps new and prospective students get acquainted with the campus, its buildings, and the organizations that reside in each building, and to have a little fun in the process.

Methodology: Create a highly detailed base map compiled from digital, orthorectified, georeferenced aerial photography. Link Web pages to the imagemap such that students can click a building to view information about that building. Create and compile building photographs and URLs of organizations housed in each building. Result is a geo-referenced index of hyperlinks to Penn State academic departments, administrative units, and student services. Panoramic QuickTime 3-D images will also be linked to the imagemap.

Innovation: The first online representation of the University Park campus specifically designed for use by prospective students.

Impact: Tens of thousands of new and prospective students will be able to explore the University Park campus. Penn State’s campus mapping site will become one of the most attractive and useful of its kind.

Website: http://campusmaps.psu.edu

Contact Person: 
  • Eric Barron, Sponsor
  • Martin Gutowski, Leader
  • David DiBiase, Member
  • Shaun Faith, Member
  • Megan Lavelle, Member
  • Mark Wherley, Member