Re-engineering the Call for Courses

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Enrollment Management and Administration
Date Started: 
April 2002
The preparation of the semester Scheduling Courses is a core University process. It was manual, paper driven, filled with redundant work, and prone to error. The new system is paperless, technology - based, decentralized, and user driven.

Challenge: Redesign a core University process, the Call for Courses, from a manual, centrally controlled, paper-driven process to an automated, paperless, user-driven system.

Methodology: Moved the Call for Courses from a paper process to an electronic process

By moving the Call for Courses from a paper process to an electronic process the team was able to collapse a position in the registrar's office, build upon data from the previous semester and begin each semester with essentially 65 percent of the classes already scheduled, i.e., 65 percent of the faculty were scheduled in the same room they occupied the previous semester. Under the old system the process was begun anew each semester. This not only reduced the complexity of the process but increased customer satisfaction by placing faculty in familiar classrooms. Additionally, the electronic process saved "tons" of paper each semester, or three times per year, reduced the number of filling cabinets used in the process from eight to two, and minimized much of the stress and ambiguity in the process by allowing departments to make changes instantaneously rather than over a several day period. This re-engineering process was so successful that they are now thinking about tackling the final exam scheduling process.

Innovation: New ISIS screens were designed for the entry of course, room, event, and instructor data. All screens are integrated with each other. Entry of data was moved to the location of the users and decision makers. The new semester is created by building upon course and room data from the previous like semester. This results in each new semester call for courses starting with essentially 65 percent of all classes already scheduled into the same room they occupied the previous semester.

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Garry Burkle
  • Jim Wager, Sponsor
  • Garry Burkle, Leader
  • Todd Clouser, Member
  • Penny Kowalski, Member
  • Cynthia Lorenzo, Member
  • Terri Reed, Member