Outreach Information Systems

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University Outreach (Continuing and Distance Education)
Date Started: 
February 2002
The primary goal of Outreach Information Systems is to empower users through information technology. Two applications that reflect this goal are the mail group system that allows users to create and populate mail groups without relying on the IS office and the Integrated Student Systems for Outreach (ISSO)project which drives traditional IS functions to an authorized person in the delivery unit who can create and authorize users, modify codes, and change the correspondence that users receive from the system.

No metrics of $$ or time savings available. Basically this project integrates various administrative processes (such as registration, billing, data entry, correspondence). It started in 1998 and O&CE staff believe it is a better, faster, more effective way to manage complicated processes. They are sure it is more efficient and that it saves money and time. They've been doing this since 1998 and continue to integrate the various systems.

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Jeff Luck
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