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University Outreach (Continuing and Distance Education)
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February 2002
Media Solutions worked with the Applied Research Lab to create an enhanced delivery method for lectures previously delivered via Pic Tel. Media Solutions combined several software applications to enhance the student to teacher interaction and make it more portable through Internet delivery. Students can simultaneously view the lecture, see the presenter’s desktop which may contain a Power Point, movies, Web sites or notes, and send comments back through a live chat. The presenter can make annotations to the desk top by a mouse tool or use of an electronic white board.

An example of MEDIA SOLUTIONS: The ARL lectures that are at the heart of this process have typically reached between 20 to 30 people. By adapting these lectures to a web enabled process the potential audience has been significantly expanded. Currently, attendees either travel to Penn State or find a PicTel site and arrange to call in. By piecing together the Windows based Internet solution, travel and PicTel costs are minimized, and the experiences is enhanced by enabling attendance from any location with an Internet access. Also the new technology makes for a much nicer presentation.

May 2002: Media Solutions has brought an interactive experience to online learning. Examples of Media Solutions website design work include:

1) Penn State Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment: htt;://
We were asked to design a website that extended the information and excitement of the Quality Expo. The site includes project profiles about various CQI teams using text, pictures, and video interviews.

2) College of Earth and Mineral Sciences:
The College came to us to create a new image to attract students through video features, electronic publications and interaction with visitors. We provided design templates for in-house construction.

3) Innovation Park:
This site promotes the advantages of being part of Penn State and the facilities that are available. It features the people that are part of Innovation Park and are excited about it.

4) Penn State Technology Transfer:
This site is a re-design that introduces the people who are involved in Penn State's research and technology transfer activities.

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Laura Miller
  • Duane Champion, Member
  • Charlie Gudeman, Member