Electronic Gift Processing

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Development and Alumni Relations
Date Started: 
February 2002
A completely manual gift processing system was converted into a fully electronic and mostly automated system. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) technologies were used to create a new and improved gift processing system. The team used electronic workflowing to streamline and simplify the process for the end users, thereby improving the overall efficiency of daily gift processing. The new system currently processes 75% of all the gifts given to the university. This new system allows the division to maintain a very high level of process quality while continually increasing the quantity of gifts processed.

This team's main objective was to improve the efficiency of gift processing. They worked with Management Engineering to analyze the process and determined which steps would be best handled by human workers and which steps might be best handled by computer. They have been able to realize a turnaround time of between 24-48 hours for all gifts to the University, while simultaneously improving employee satisfaction with the process and reducing their need for overtime. Over 70% of all gifts processed by the system are processed without manual intervention and there has been a reduction in the effort required for the remaining 30%. The team does not have any follow-up data on their improvements at this time. Due to the cyclical nature of their process, they will be taking their measurement of improvements after the process has been in operation for one year. They do expect that there will be some actual monetary savings to the University. Plans for further improvement consist of scaling the process up to a level such that 60% of all gifts submitted to the University will be handled by the electronic system.

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Lori Baney
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