Pharmacy Improvement Team

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Student Affairs
Date Started: 
February 2002
Through use of information technology, the Pharmacy increased the accuracy of prescription filling and increased the amount and quality of communication with patients regarding their prescription refills.

This team has a fair amount of data to document and support their improvement activities. Most significantly, they have improved the turnaround time for filling orders and have reduced the number of calls to the pharmacy. They have also witnessed a reduction in their waiting times and have experienced a reduction in the number of customer complaints. They plan to keep some data on the process before deciding on any future improvement opportunities concerning this process.

May 2002: Technology Solutions--Interfacing three technologies: 1) QS-1, a Pharmacy software system; 2) Dial-RX, a telecommunications system that features interactive voice response; and 3) ScriptPro, an automated, robotic dispensiing system. Dial-Rx and ScriptPro interface directly with QS-1, resulting in a powerful technological tool to improve service.

Three technologies interfaced with one another have led to: 1) increased and better customer communication; 2) increased accuracy; 3) improved workflow; and 4) improved customer satisfaction.

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Doris Guanowsky
  • Doris Guanowsky, Sponsor
  • Barbara Gallagher, Leader
  • Karen Bayer, Member
  • Jonathan Borowski, Member
  • Linda Bowmaster, Member
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  • Chet Evans, Member
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