Enterprise Information Systems / EIS

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Enrollment Management and Administration
Finance and Business
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February 2002
Through the use of new Cognos software, access to data has reached a new level. In addition to summary level data, detail level data is now available over the Web. This easy-to-use Web application allows fast access to many data warehouse files with minimal training, promising to become a tool that can be widely used.

May 2002: EIS is a quick and easy tool that summarizes enrollments, admissions, alumni/development activities, human resousrces and other university information. EIS is accessed through a Web browser and contains summary level subsets of data oriented to various functional business areas.

There are currently 800 users of the system. It provides summary data, answers questions, and makes analysis much easier. Decision-making is more timely for EIS users since they can quickly access information as needed during meetings. Individuals don’t need their own software to access the systems, and technical support isn’t needed. They are planning a query tool, a visualizer, and a financial module that will be available to IBIS users.

Provost Rod Erickson is a daily EIS user and says, "I rely on the EIS as an easily accessible and invaluable data resource for decision making."

Vice Provost John Romano uses the EIS system regularly to review enrollment trends of all campuses and colleges. The quick access to data with multiple years of information is an important advantage of the EIS approach.

EIS makes exploring data easy. The interface provides a friendly and intuitive point-and-click listing of models, search functionality, customization options, online help and more. It also has context-sensitive menus that list the commands available depending on where you are in the view.

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Mark Weaver
  • Dick Althouse, Sponsor
  • John Romano, Sponsor
  • Edie Hertzog, Leader
  • Mark Weaver, Leader