Committee for Implementation of Electronic Theses and Dissertations at Penn State

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Graduate School
University Libraries
Date Started: 
February 2002
A plan was implemented to provide an electronic theses submission option for graduate students. Since Fall 2000 the percentage of electronic submissions has risen steadily each semester (from 4% to 18%). At some future date, electronic submission may become mandatory.

No metrics of $$ or time savings available. However, project began in 1998. Since then, e-dissertations have gone from 0 to 20% of doctoral students submitting electronically (this is not open to masters students). This project isn't really about cost savings. What is more important is that this is just a better way to operate. For example, eTDs expand creative possibilities open to students by allowing film and sound recordings and images to be integrated into their work; eTDs increase worldwide scholarly access to PSU student work; eTDs increase access for potential employers; and so on.

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Pauletta Leathers
  • Shawn Kuhlman, Member
  • Pauletta Leathers, Member
  • Bonnie MacEwan, Member
  • Janis Mathewson, Member
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