Virtual Coconuts

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Information Sciences and Technology, School of
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February 2002
A Customer Relationship Management System has been developed that gives the customer the status of their product in the supply chain via a handheld device such as a Palm Pilot or WAP-enabled phone.

Challenge: Virtual Coconuts arose from an IST 240 project. To quote the professor Stan Aungst, “Since the students in our ITS 240 class are sophomores, I was looking for a project that would be feasible at a technical level, but also challenging and not frustrating. I could hardly contain myself when I realized that IBM’s DB2 Everyplace software was both innovative and user-friendly -just right for my students to apply in a project.”

Methodology: The “Virtual Coconuts” Team built a two-tier solution with IBM’s DB2 Everyplace Sync Server and IBM DB2 Universal Database. “Our students used Palm Pilots and DB2 Everyplace to create their Virtual Solution, selling Hawaiian shirts, grass skirts and paper-mache coconuts for the luau” Aungst said.

Students in IST 240 designed a mobile and wireless Customer Relationship Management tool that allows customers to know the status of their product in the supply chain.

Innovation: Virtual Coconuts allowed the user to set up an online password account, order products and check the status of their orders using Palm Pilots. The IST Students developed a customer relationship management system that gives the customer the status of their product in the supply chain via any handheld PDA or WAP enabled phone

Impact:"The fact that second-year college students can use leading-edge technology to build a sophisticated mobile computing solution has everyone very excited about DB2 Everyplace." Using the software, Aungst's students were able to develop custom applications with a Palm Pilot, a personal application builder and a handheld computer.

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Stan Aungst
  • Stan Aungst, Leader
  • Steve Kellogg, Facilitator
  • Mark Campbell, Member
  • Mike Ervin, Member
  • Karen Fleagle, Member
  • Jonathan Korteweg, Member
  • Howard Miller, Member