Commonwealth College Career Services Virtual CQI Team #2

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Team ID: 
College / Administrative Unit: 
Commonwealth College
Date Started: 
February 2002
Technology has made it possible for Commonwealth College Career Services (CWC CS) Virtual Team #2 to exist and function. Since team members are located at 7 different PSU campuses, biweekly meetings are held using technology. The team’s project is to create a Web based “CWC CS Professional Development and Reference Resource.” With the support of the University Web Strategies Team, this secure, password protected, Web-resource will provide career services professionals at 12 campus with up-to-date materials.

Team has been able to reduce travel costs. Six of the eight team members would have had to travel to University Park for meetings that now occur virtually. In addition to travel costs, the team believes they waste less time in meetings, are more productive because the technology provides greater structure to their meetings. They are also sharing resources and collaborating more because they are in contact with one another more frequently than when they only met every month or so. The goal of the team is to put a resource manual on the web for career services professionals. Once this is accomplished the team believes they will be better able to provide services and improve quality thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

In addition to travel costs, the technology provides greater structure to the team's meetings, resulting in less wasted time and increased productivity. The career services team is able to collaborate with each other more frequently, sharing valuable resources and knowledge, inproving their own quality of work and thus resulting in great customer satisfaction.

Contact Person: 
Joelle Sherlock
  • Linda Higginson, Sponsor
  • Joelle Sherlock, Leader
  • Barbara Sherlock, Facilitator
  • Kathy Maxwell, Member
  • Tera Mikula, Member
  • Carol Power, Member
  • Jim Shields, Member
  • Clare Tauriello, Member
  • Janet Yates, Member