Abington College CQI Facilities Request and Master Calendar Team

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Team ID: 
College / Administrative Unit: 
Abington College
Date Started: 
October 2001
The team is considering the process of facilities requests and determining if the process can be improved by using Penn State web capacity and/or linking facilities requests to the campus master calendar (on the web).
Contact Person: 
Karen Wiley Sandler
  • Helen Brady, Leader
  • James Foreman, Facilitator
  • Jason Bozzone, Member
  • Marcia Delia, Member
  • Pat Ingram, Member
  • Ken Johnson, Member
  • Russell Mulkewycz, Member
  • Samir Ouzomgi, Member
  • Joan Raudenbush, Member
  • Trish Smith, Member
  • Jo-Anne Wright, Member