Residence Hall Contract Request Process

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Team ID: 
College / Administrative Unit: 
Finance and Business
Student Affairs
Date Started: 
February 2001
Create a process to resolve issues regarding first-come, first-served contract submission process: lines, information flow, limited time frame, etc…

April 12, 2001: Highlights of the New Contract Request Process Implemented 2000-2001
- Simple Process
- Lengthens time-frame and provides greater access for maximum student convenience
- Utilizes web and e-mail service
- Detailed information provided to students about the assignment process
- Provides more on-going communication with students as they go through the process
- Equal student access to process regardless of campus location

Contact Person: 
Lynn DuBois
  • Tom Gibson, Sponsor
  • Gail Hurley, Sponsor
  • Karen Feldbaum, Leader
  • Kathy Krinks, Leader
  • Diane Andrews, Member
  • Sean Costella, Member
  • Ryan Dickinson, Member
  • Lynn DuBois, Member
  • Fred Fotis, Member
  • Leslie Frye, Member
  • Andy Heckathorne, Member
  • Tinamarie Illar, Member
  • Wendy Jones, Member
  • Colleen Kosko, Member
  • Randy Kramkowski, Member
  • Erin Weaver, Member
  • Joel Weidner, Member