Women and Philanthropy Research Project

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Date Started: 
February 2001
The University is involved in a $1 billion fund-raising initiative involving nearly 500 volunteers. One volunteer committee devoted to women and philanthropy is charged with creating a Penn State culture which is open, inclusive and enthusiastic about philanthropic power of women and their families; one which involves women as donors and volunteer leaders in innovative ways. One of the Women and Philanthropy Committee’s first steps towards this goal was to conduct a study of more than 400 women who have the potential to make substantial contributions to the vision and direction of the University. It focused on a generational analysis of the differences in women’s attitudes toward giving, volunteerism, and philanthropic priorities.

1) Analysis: Attitudes among the generations of women are different ;primarily with regard to interests and issues

2) Solutions: - Target programs to the different generations
- Create more options to engage women
- Reorient staff and volunteers to view women individually and as donors
- Continue to refine stewardship and recognition processes

3) Results: - Successful Penn State Today program for women
- Database revisions to better acknowledge women and their philanthropy
- Regional and college specific events targeted to women and their interests such as A&A's Women On and
Off The Wall

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Marjory Sente
  • Women and Philanthropy Committee, Sponsor
  • Eloise Stuhr, Leader
  • Marjory Sente, Facilitator
  • Marianne Bissell Alexander, Member
  • Mimi Coppersmith Fredman, Member
  • Nancy Eaton, Member
  • Martha Lewis Starling, Member
  • Barbara Palmer, Member
  • Anne Riley, Member
  • Arlene Shapiro Kaplan, Member
  • Helen Skade Hintz, Member
  • Sandra Spanier, Member
  • Elizabeth Susman, Member