World Campus Process Team

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College / Administrative Unit: 
University Outreach (Continuing and Distance Education)
Date Started: 
February 2001
Effective management of interunit handoffs is crucial to the success of projects in a matrix organization. The World Campus Process Team has mapped these handoffs as the basis for negotiated agreement on and improvement of interunit collaboration and teamwork.

April 2001: Improvements in World Campus operation include: 1) more effective inter-unit handoffs based on shared expectations; 2) a foundation for development of a complete system process map and monitoring system; 3) an organizational understanding of our processes that allows us to more clearly communicate and rationalize our operations to all stakeholders and partners.

Next steps: 1) mapping processes internal to each unit; 2) targeting processes--both internal and at the interfaces--for continued improvement; and 3) developing a monitoring system.

Contact Person: 
Melody Thompson
  • Gary Miller, Sponsor
  • Melody Thompson, Leader
  • Elwood Kerkeslager, Facilitator
  • Eric Bengtson, Member
  • Heather Chakiris, Member
  • Rachael Diamond, Member
  • Jean McGrath, Member
  • Karen Pollack, Member
  • Larry Ragan, Member
  • Bob Snyder, Member